money raised so far: $3295cR

Lt. Colonel Grade 1 Next Level: Lt. Colonel Grade 2 @ $3360

The results are in..

The results of the 2o12 Fight Like a Girl Tournament are in! The staff at FLAG would like to thank all of the participants. Winners are announced below.

Congratulations to all the winners!

2v2 Tournament

TitoMatic and Moreiio

Grifball Tournament

Green Army Jr

Halo 4 Screenshot Contest

First Place: Rexxia
Second Place: Beorn

Halo 4 Forge Challenge

First Place: RocketMoose


First Place: RocketMoose

Second Place: Beorn

Halo Fan Art Contest

First Place (Tie): Textermination
Hard Light Candy FTW!

First Place (Tie): MsCadetUNIVERSE

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